Meetings & Conferences

Attendees love fast native apps that update in real time, yet fully-functional offline to search, discover and organize their busy conference days. You'll love the ease of getting started and full control from the CMS.

Dynamic Home Feed
Home Feed

Supports a variety of dynamic widgets to feature the sessions and speakers of the day, tips and announcements, and sponsorship and advertising.

Custom Widgets and Pages

Quick navigation from the tab menu and custom widgets in home feed or other custom pages.

Color-coded events
Session Reminders
Session Favorites
Speakers & Guests
Claim Profile
Notes & Favorites
Post Questions, Reply, Vote
Speakers List
Learning Objectives
Session Evaluations
Session Notes
Resources & PDFs
Other Features
Social Feed
Tweet or Add Photo
Push Notifications
Advertising & Sponsorship
Sponsored Profiles
Tweetable Widgets
Cloud-based CMS
Usage activitydashboard
Easy to use forms for session and attendee info
Bulk import orAPI integration
Admins control dynamic home feed and all content
Send push notifications and in-app alerts
CSE 2016 – Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting